"so baby hold on"

Posted on Jul 29
Posted on Jul 29

the difference between yixing and luhan

Posted on Jul 29
  • baby:k...k..
  • kyungsoo:kyungsoo? say kyungsoo!
  • baby:k...kkaebsong
  • kyungsoo:..... *throws baby*
  • exohd:

    1460 x 973

    Posted on Jul 29
    i feel like chen would be the best person to cuddle with
    (edit: added two more gifs bc how could i have forgotten that moment oTL)

    sehun explaining the unexplainable to suho ㅎㅅㅎ


    Chanyeol was showing Baekhyun the pic of Kyungsoo crying in ‘It’s okay, it’s love’ 
    cr.exoverflow /vbabysoo 

    precious yongguk ♡


    Posted on Jul 29